Ø large: 70 - 200cm

large chandeliers with a diameter of more than 70 cm

In this selection you will find lighting at least 70 cm in diameter. Due to the variable chain lengths, the total length of a chandelier with suspension can be very flexible. Please always check the details of each chandelier to find out what the minimum total length is.

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AM 5235/03/012 PREMIUM ROI

Beautiful Maria Theresa crystal chandelier with exclusive PREMIUM trimmings in "Honey color" from Preciosa Lighting- AM 5235/03/012

2,321.00 € *
In stock

"The King of Bohemia" 289 (brass) / 293 (Nickel)

"The King of Bohemia" 289 (brass)/ 293 (nickel) traditional, bohemian crystal chandelier. Great and elegant centerpiece 16 bulbs

"The King of Bohemia" 244 (Brass) / 216 (Nickel)

"The King of Bohemia" 244 (brass)/216 (nickel) traditional, bohemian crystal chandelier. Splendid, handcrafted 12 branch lighting

AR 5787/01/008 WAWEL

This cast bronze chandelier overwhelms with its majestic grandeur. Decorated with imposing crystal trimmings it is a statement piece.

1,639.00 € *
Old price 3,634.00 €
You save 1,995.00 €
In stock

AC 5459/00/012 silver CHUDENICE

AC 5459/00/012 CHUDENICE Adorable crystal chandelier with trendy crystal elements. A hint of inspiration from the heavens above!

1,766.00 € *
In stock

AB 0798/00/012 FRATERNITE

FRATERNITE AB 0798/00/012 by Preciosa Lighting modern chandelier with metal arms in nickel finish with sparkling crystal trimmings


1,639.00 € *
Not in stock - production time 3-4 weeks

AM 5366/00/008 SANTINI

SANTINI: stylish silver-colored crystal chandelier with vivacious and elegant Marea trimmings from Preciosa Lighting. AM 5366/00/008

1,596.00 € *
Not in stock - production time 3-4 weeks

AC 5565/00/009 SAZAVA

AC 5565/00/009 SAZAVA lovely crystal glass chandelier with delicate crystal trimming. Bohemian finest fairy made in the crystal valley

777.00 € *
Still in stock

2295.32.3.W KOLARZ Leuchter BARCA

2295.32.3W from KOLARZ lifestyle pendant lamp is a chic eyecatcher. Barca is the ideal lighting for long tables. A ship full of light.

920.00 € *
In stock

AC 5493/01/012 HUMPRECHT Preciosa Lighting

AC 5493/01/012 HUMPRECHT black modern chandelier handcrafted by Preciosa Lighting. It is suitable for use in rooms with high ceilings

4,736.00 € *
Old price 4,557.00 €
Not in stock - production time 3-4 weeks

AC 5461/00/008 PRECIOSA - FALLA

AC 5461/00/008 modern glass chandelier. Noble crystal trimmings, top trendy design glass shades. From the masters of glass art PRECIOSA!


3,253.00 € *
In stock

AC 5385/00/008 PRAHA PROLUMENA Exclusive

AC 5385/00/008 PRAHA -  exquisite bohemian masterpiece with first class crystal and many finest mouth blown components. PROLUMENA Exclusive edition.

4,390.00 € *
Old price 4,227.00 €
Not in stock - production time 3-4 weeks
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