chandelier cleaning

chandelier cleaning



Dear lover of a beautiful interior lighting

Do you sometimes get annoyed by the fact that your chandeliers and lamps do not look as dazzling and glitter as on the first day? Then you are in good hands with us!

In this way, we are able to offer you professional cleaning of crystal lights.

What does this service include?

  • We use state-of-the-art cleaning technologies and cleaning supplies that are exactly matched to the materials of your chandelier or your lamp
  • Cleaning is possible on site - but you can send us also crystals by post
  • If you are on site - e.g. in public areas - wish to undisturbed the operation, we can also uninstall chandeliers, take them with us and then clean them in our shop. After cleaning, we then return the chandeliers to you and install them again. Your chandeliers will shine and glitter like in old splendor and beauty!
  • If necessary, you can rent a "replacement lamp" for 200 Kc per day, so that your living space is almost completely lit. This, of course, is particularly true in public areas such as hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Attractive price performance ratio
  • You invest in a service run by professional workers. Our company looks back on a history and experience of 25 years!
  • By using the latest ultrasonic cleaning devices, your crystals will sparkle again in perfect beauty. A firework of colored brilliance as on the first day. You will be impressed! But also glass components get their original brilliance and beauty again after cleaning.
  • If we recognize during the process of cleaning, that small things have to be repaired on the chandelier, we can carry out these immediately by expert means. We can also replace missing or damaged crystals by our spare parts store and a network of national and international suppliers, so that your chandelier is not only radiantly clean after cleaning, but also completely and in order.

Depending on the environment (dusty, drafts, the dirt on the candlestick, cooking etc.) we recommend the professional cleaning in connection with maintenance once a year. This is particularly suitable in the autumn / early winter, so that your candlestick can shine and sparkle again in the early glitter with the beginning of Advent and Christmas.

Your home will shine like a new light!

Have we piqued your interest?

Just contact us and let us calculate your personal price offer.

We look forward to you!

Joachim Reichel and your PROLUMENA ​​team from Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic